9-5 Chic

Putting together outfits for work can be challenging. You have to make sure to keep it more modest, not to mention you’re half asleep while picking out what to wear at the crack of dawn.

My favorite go-to for work would be my black skinny pants and a loose top. Sometimes I’ll wear dresses or skirts as well. I enjoy layering for work. Layering a nice sweater adds a nice touch to your outfit, and also allows you to take it on or off as you please when you get hot/cold.


For shoes I usually wear loafers, ballerina flats, booties, or boots to work. I typically don’t wear sandals to work, and definitely not flip flops. In the pic above I’m wearing these flat tie-up shoes. I’m obsessed!!

During the colder months I enjoy panty hose to cover my legs. That allows me to still wear wear skirts, dresses, or rompers without freezing to death. They also make your legs look smoother, which is a huge plus! (my legs are soo pale in the winter)


Keep it simple, unique, and professional. In the pic above I am wearing this loose peplum-type top, and my favorite black booties. Black booties are a must have for Fall/Winter!

Pairing a necklace, watch, and/or bracelet will complete the outfit. Watches add a professional and polished look.


I wear this black sweater almost every day to work. It’s very versatile and serves many purposes. I definitely recommend a basic soft sweater like this for everyday wear. I found this one at TJ Maxx.




Item List

All shoes from Forever21 ($25-$30)

Sweater: TJX ($12-$15)

Pants: TJX or Burlington ($15-$20)

White button up top: Kohl’s ($25)

Cream peplum top: Gabes ($10)

Cuff bracelet: Amazon ($20)

Bags: Gabe’s and TJX ($25-$50)

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