Street Style: Moto-Leather Jackets

The days are over where leather jackets are only worn by motorcycle bikers. Leather jackets look great on almost anyone nowadays, and can also be worn almost all year round. They are perfect for a girls evening happy hour, or a night out on the town.

They are very versatile in that they can be paired with so many different things. Below I paired mine with various dresses and/or jeggings.


The pricing varies with these jackets as with almost anything, but I purchased mine at Gabes for about $30-$40. It was certainly well worth the price & they should last you a good few years especially if you don’t dry yours in the machine obviously!

They add the perfect touch of grunge which looks sort of edgy.


Above, I paired my leather jacket with a basic loose fitted tee shirt, dark (almost black) jeggings,  & thick heeled booties. If your outfit is too neutral toned, add a nice pop of color like this fire engine red messenger bag. The bag makes for the perfect pop of color. (any bright color would do).

Item List/Pricing

Tee Shirt: Target ($10)

Red dress: Gabes ($10-$15)

Grey dress: Forever 21 ($10)

All shoes: Gabes and/or Forever21 ($20-$40)

Red purse: Forever21 ($20)

BCBG black purse with gold chain: TJ Maxx ($30)

Tribal Necklace: Gabes ($5-$10)

Silver Necklace: Forever21 ($5-$10)

Pom-Pom that was paired with purse: 5 Below ($1-$2)


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