Trends I’m Loving: Knee Highs

First of all, I APOLOGIZE for the distracting background in my photos of my messy closet room. I promise it won’t be like this all the time. It’s all about knee highs right now! My favorite way to combine knee highs currently is with a sweater dresses. You can find sweater dresses anywhere right now. They’re amazing because they’re cute, but still keep you warm in this colder Winter weather. I also love them because you can use them as day outfits by pairing them with a basic scarf and boots, but also easily turn them into night-wear by adding more jewelry, heels, darker makeup, etc.

As you can see below I paired my sweater dress with knee high pantyhose.  (Yes- pantyhose WITH built in knee highs-what a time to be alive. right?!) The best part about all of my looks is that I only use affordable clothing & accessories. I am the biggest bargain seeker you will ever meet! We have to be these days right?? everything is so darn $$$. So scroll below to see my outfit pairings, & the final list of products along with where I purchased each, & at what cost.

  • DRESS: FOREVER21 ($20)
  • SCARF: GABES ($5)
  • KNEE HIGHS: FOREVER21 ($3-$4)
  • SHOES: FOREVER21 ($20-$25)
  • BAG: GABES ($9.99)



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