Living A Healthier You



I just had a conversation with my friend yesterday about getting back into shape for the Summer time & realized now is the perfect time to start blogging about health and fitness! Summer is just around the corner. This is something everyone can relate to, and everyone has tips and tricks to getting that toned body. I am by no means perfect, but this post is about things that I personally do to help myself get and stay in shape.

I have never liked the word “diet”. To me diets are only temporary. People will go on a “diet” for a month, many times starving themselves, then shortly after go right back to their normal eating habits and gain back the weight they just lost. I like to think about health/fitness as a lifestyle rather than a diet. Healthy eating and working out regularly should be your regular daily routine lifestyle habits. If you can do that you will notice a more permanent and balanced healthy weight goal for life.

The 2 key things here are working out and food intake. They go hand-in-hand. I find working out at the very least 3 times per week minimum works okay for me. My goal is 5 times per week though. One workout consists of 30-45 minutes of cardio. I usually do at least two other workouts before my cardio that targets the core (abs), buttocks, legs, or arms. YouTube has so many ab workouts for woman that you can go right along with. I’ve found that extremely helpful in my journey of getting in shape.


My diet consists of three meals per day with snacks in between. I try to eat less carbs, sugar, and fat, and more protein, veggies, fruits. (that’s the goal at least LOL) My biggest weakness is probably portion control. I believe it takes your brain about 20 minutes to notify your stomach that it’s not hungry anymore. The best way to prevent over consuming is to eat slower and/or have a salad with light dressing as an appetizer. (I have found that helps with dinner time)salmon-dish-food-meal-46239

Being beautiful starts from the inside-out. It’s all about being happy and healthy in life. If you start being more active regularly you will notice positive changes in yourself inside and out. Try new hobbies that require being active. I started new hobbies that I cannot live without currently like hiking, yoga, and bike riding. Hiking allows you to spend quality time with others, all while taking in nature, and burning calories at the same time. -Can’t beat it! Yoga allows me to meditate while burning calories and toning at the same time. Again, it’s a win-win.


Good luck on your journey to living a healthy life, and let me know if you have any tips that work for you that you want to share!

xo Amy


2 thoughts on “Living A Healthier You

  1. Great post, and diets are definitely the worst. It should be all about a healthy lifestyle and staying active. Find enjoyment in working out and it will never feel like a workout. Find enjoyment in eating and balancing what you eat and it will never be a diet. – Mike

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