Top 10 Favorite Products|Spring 2017


I have tried some awesome products, and some not-so-cool products this Spring. Below is a list of the various hair, cosmetic, and health products that I’ve tried and loved so far! Let me know what you think!


1.) Pop White Smile Toothpaste

This stuff is awesome! It’s a toothpaste that is BRIGHT purple, and it’s peroxide free, therefore is safer for your teeth. Peroxide can be really harsh on your teeth’s enamel and make them sensitive. This stuff doesn’t do any of that. Basically, on a color wheel, purple is opposite to the color yellow. So the purple works against the yellow shades on your teeth over time, making them appear whiter.


2.) Panoxyl Face wash

This face wash for acne, made by Stiefel, which is usually only available by RX only, is now available via drugstores. It’s only like $7 also- Winner! Be careful with this stuff, it can really dry out your skin.


3.) Spot Treatment Stickers for Acne


These are brand new! If you get hormonal acne sometimes, like during “that time of the month”, try these! I think it actually worked for me. Makes the bump go down over night. Only negative was that there was a red spot that didn’t go away for a while after.


4.) Dandelion Root Tea


I’m a huge tea lover! Mainly green tea, but if you’re looking for something for bloating try this stuff! I like to make iced tea with this and drink on it all week. Add some Agave nectar, and/or some Stevia to sweeten it up a bit.

 5.) Joico Purple Shampoo


Calling all blondes! – My hair stylist friend got me into this stuff! I purchased it on Amazon. It’s similar to the Shimmer Lights Shampoo at Sally’s. I like the smell of this one more.

6.) Loreal Repair Remedy Mask-Sulfate Free


No clue what they put in this stuff, but I used every bit of it already. It makes my hair extremely soft.

7.) Paul Mitchel Flexible Hairspray


I love hairspray, but I hate the ones that make your hair feel hard! This one works great for that more flexible hold that you want.

8.) Big Sexy Hair Powder


Looking for volume and texture? This stuff def works.  Adds lots of volume! Only downside is it make my hair feel kinda weird.

9.) Micellar Cleansing Water


This cleansing water works awesome as a makeup remover (especially for that hard-to-get-off eye makeup). Works great on a cotton ball. Very affordable and non-greasy.


10.) Garnier Smooth Air Dry Balm


I don’t know about you but I hate using a blow dryer in the Summer time. I mainly let my hair air-dry after brushing it and putting in a little Garnier Smooth Air Dry cream. Helps with frizzy-ness etc. Cheap also!

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